Tips for Roof Cleaning Services In Puyallup WA

There are some tasks around a Puyallup City home that are easy and safe to do on your own. Getting up on the roof and pressure washing the shingles and roofing features is not one of these tasks. There are some basic maintenance tasks that homeowners can do, but it always the safest and easiest option to have professional roof cleaning services in Puyallup WA come in once or twice a year to complete roofing maintenance.

To help to lower the need for roof cleaning services in Puyallup WA, consider the following recommendations from professional service providers:

  • Trim trees back from the roof – it may be obvious, but the easiest way to prevent leaves, needles, and branches from ending up on your roof in the fall or after a storm is to trim overhanging branches. This typically only must be done once every few years, but it is an effective way to prevent problems.
  • Clean the roof once a year – cleaning the roof on an annual basis prevents a heavy buildup of stains, mold, mildew, algae, and even moss. This is very common in the Puyallup City area. With annual pressure washing by a professional service, the growth can be controlled. This not only keeps your roof looking great, but it also helps to prevent damage to the roof.
  • Avoid heavy chemicals – unfortunately, many do-it-yourself types of roof cleaning products or the internet formulations that recommend heavy concentrations of chlorine bleach, soap, and other compounds and cleaning chemicals can damage the roof. Over time, these treatments remove the surface of the roof, leading to increased shingle damage, greater risk of leaks, and increased risk of roof stains.

Professional services can clean your roof in a few hours. They bring the equipment, ladders, pressure wash systems, and they can even provide gutter cleaning at the same time. For more information visit Eco Clean Northwest.