Tips for Refreshing Your Home’s Look with Updated Lighting

When you hire an interior design firm you may do so to spice things up in your home. However, there are some situations where your home doesn’t require a complete makeover to refresh it. In some cases, just a few small changes is what it takes to make a large impact.

An easy and effective way to refresh your home is to swap out unattractive, outdated or lighting that isn’t very functional for new lighting that really “works” with the home. Some lighting types to consider when updating your space are found here.

Ambient Lighting

This is also referred to as general lighting. It is called this because it refers to overhead lighting that is found in the majority of rooms. Ambient lights are the primary way to provide superior illumination to your rooms. There are several examples of ambient lighting that an interior design firm may present to you including recessed lighting, ceiling mounted fixtures or chandeliers.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting is just what the name implies. It is lighting that is designed to help you perform a certain chore. A good example of task lighting is the desk lamp in a room. While the room where the desk lamp is located may have certain ambient lighting present, the desk lamp helps a person achieve certain tasks, such as writing or reading at the desk. Additional examples of task lighting include floor lamps, under the cabinet lights and pendant lighting.

If you are considering hiring an interior design firm for help redoing your space, make sure to ask them about different types of lighting. By implementing the options here, you can update your home and make a space more appealing to spend time in. Believe it or not, updating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune when you use the tips here.

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