Tips For Purchasing Discount Ink Cartridges

With printing, a popular way to store information for tests, essays, homework and more, many families purchase printers, so they don’t have to go to libraries and copy places to make their copies. Likewise, companies print a variety of things to promote themselves, which is why it can be tough when you run out of ink and have to buy another cartridge. They can be expensive, but discount cartridges are available from a variety of online sites.


If you’ve never done so before, you may want to consider remanufactured ink cartridges, as they can provide a hefty discount and are better for the environment. With this option, the cartridge is taken apart, and all components are checked. Anything that’s deteriorated or damaged is replaced and then it’s cleaned, printer heads are installed, and it’s put back together, whereby more liquid is added, and it is sent back to you.

Color Costs More

Inkjet products will cost more, though discounts are available. Expect to pay up to 30 percent more for color inks than black because the black cartridge only has one reservoir while color versions have three different reservoirs. You can save money by printing in black and white (and using a black cartridge only) unless color is necessary.

Buy In Bulk

Another way to save money is to buy it in bulk. If you know you’re going to be using a lot of printed material, whether for a big project or because you print items every day, you can usually buy more and save more. Many companies offer discounts for orders over a certain amount of money or when you buy enough of the same item. However, not all companies offer discounts for bulk orders, so it’s best to find out before ordering large quantities.

Discount ink cartridges can save you money while still being of high quality. Visit Toner Pals now to learn more.