Tips For Luxury Interior Design For Your Coral Gables Home

Creating a new look for a Coral Gables home does not have to be difficult. While some people hire interior decorators for the job, there are also simple techniques that anyone can use to create just the look they want for a room or the entire home.

One of the possible options for a do-it-yourself luxury interior design is to choose contemporary décor. This is a versatile, practical design style incorporating lines, shapes and a combination of neutral colors, natural elements and unique looks perfect to suit your preferences. Choosing the ideal combination of colors and options in lighting, furniture and home lighting is at the heart of all interior design projects.

Consider Lighting First

Regardless of the design style selected, the correct lighting is critical to creating an atmosphere or a mood in the room. Too little light can make a space look dark and small, while the ideal level of lighting gives a room a bright, airy and welcoming look.

Lighting can be layered, which is particularly important in modern and contemporary forms of luxury interior design. Natural light from windows is enhanced by table and floor lamps, track, and recessed lighting to highlight specific areas of the room, as well as overhead lighting.

Metals, Woods, and Glass

Glass, metal, and natural wood are all elements of furniture and accessories, as well as used in lighting, to add a contemporary and modern design to any room. Light and dark combinations of these three materials create a synergy with neutral colors on walls, furniture, window treatments and flooring options.

Accent pieces are used throughout the room in a Coral Gables home to add a pop of texture and color. It is a great look with luxury interior design to include color with lighting fixtures, allowing them to become a central part of the décor when they are in use as well as when they are not.