Tips For Interviewing An Ohio Telecommunication Installer Service

For a general contractor, a telecom company, a private business owner or even a public project, having the right telecommunication installer service in a crucial part of the project.

As more and more telecom companies move to fiber optics, including a provider with experience in working with this type of installation is going to be one of the first steps. Finding the ideal telecommunication installer starts with getting to know all you can about the companies that are in the area of the state where the project will be centered. It may also mean choosing a provider with the ability to access multiple sites across Ohio for a large scale installation.

Look at the Company’s Record

The portfolio of the types of projects any telecommunication installer has provided is similar to a resume. It allows you to get an idea of the depth and breadth of the experience of the company. Many companies have these readily available online, allowing you to get an idea of the history of the company’s projects.

It also helps to establish the company’s ability to work on diverse projects. However, make sure the installation service has completed at least one project that is similar in scope and technical requirements to your project.

The Proposal

Installing cable in rural Ohio is not the same as in urban areas. Some companies have expertise in installing cable under water or on steep slopes and other types of challenging terrain.

Asking the company for a proposal or installation plan can help you to get a feel for how the company will approach the project. By comparing the plans of different companies rather than just looking at a bottom line bid price it is easy to see which company has considered all options and is fully prepared to complete the installation with limited unforeseen or unplanned for events.