Tips for Improving Machine Shop Efficiency

Does your shop use high-quality tools like Tool Flo inserts? Perhaps you have some of the best equipment you can afford. You have a good shop, but it can get better if you follow these tips on improving shop efficiency.

Better Organization

Look around your shop to see if there are organization problems. For example, are people putting everything away at the end of the day? Is there room for all the tools and equipment? Are Tool Flo inserts and tool holders kept in one specific area?

Maybe the shop layout needs improvement. Can you move machines around to give everyone more space? Maybe you can add additional storage features like peg boards or hooks.

Tool Maintenance

Do you inspect inserts, tool holders, and other cutting tools on a regular basis? If they wear out too soon, you may need to invest in carbide tools made from harder materials. Tungsten carbide tools like Tool Flo inserts last longer, and stay sharper longer than standard cutting tools. Also, they work better on soft metals like aluminum alloys and hard metals like stainless steel.

Coolant and Tool Wear

Are you using the best coolant for the job? Perhaps you need a more efficient coolant delivery system. High-pressure systems may improve performance and prolong tool life.

Are you disposing of your used and dirty coolant? If so, you are literally throwing money down the drain. Many shops today invest in coolant recovery and recycling systems. They can cut coolant cost significantly and save a lot of money on coolant disposal fees. Also, these systems are good for the environment.

House Cleaning

If your shop is not immaculate at the end of each shift, everyone is not doing their jobs. Give your employees a few minutes at the end of each shift, to clean up and organize. This creates a better place to work.