Tips for Gutter Installation in Olympia WA

They might not be the most costly part of the home, but solid gutters can prevent other, more expensive problems from occurring. When maintained properly, gutters can last for up to 40 years. Therefore, understanding when and where to repair and replace them is critical to protecting the home’s value.

Take a Look at the Gutters

Walk around the outside of the house on a nice day and look at the gutters. If they’re made from galvanized steel, look for rust, particularly at the bottom. Ensure that downspouts are properly attached and that they extend at least ten feet from the foundation.

Take a Look at the Gutters When It’s Raining

To decide whether the gutters are working as they should, they should be observed in the rain as well. Check to see if water is flowing from the downspouts, and look for places where water is leaking or overflowing. Finally, check for water flow off of the roof to see where new gutters are needed.

Evaluate Problems

Once the homeowner notices problems, they can determine whether repair or Gutter Installation in Olympia Wa is the right option. Rusty spots indicate future issues, even if the rust hasn’t made a hole yet. Broken and sagging downspouts and gutters must be addressed right away, after a contractor determines whether the gutter has become detached or is too damaged to repair.

Replace or Repair?

Minor issues, such as missing downspouts or loose gutters, can easily be handled in-house. However, when gutters have splits and holes, professional Gutter Installation in Olympia Wa may be the only option. A contractor has the tools to do the job without damaging the siding or roof.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Once the problem areas have been replaced or repaired, it’s important to maintain the gutters on a regular basis. Clean them at least twice per year, and inspect them thoroughly. By catching problems early on, bigger issues can be prevented.


A screened gutter guard may help to prevent clogging. However, many pros do not recommend full covers, as they can cause the gutters to fill up with silt. Furthermore, some styles can’t be removed for cleaning, which means the entire system will have to be replaced if it gets clogged.