Tips For Getting Back Into The Industry With Trucking Jobs In Wisconsin

Truckers today can have a wide variety of backgrounds and work experiences. Some are young adults graduating from high school or college and going into truck driving schools at 18 to get their CDL. Others may be looking for trucking jobs in Wisconsin as a second career or even as a job option after retirement.

Still other people may have worked in Trucking Jobs In Wisconsin and then left the industry for another job or personal reasons, and are now coming back to trucking. This group of individuals can do several different things to get up to speed with changes in the trucking industry.

Take a Refresher Course

There are some community colleges and truck driving schools providing specific refresher courses for people returning to trucking jobs in Wisconsin. A company may pay These, or they can be completed through private pay of tuition. These courses will not spend as much time on the basics, but rather on new regulations, technology, and practices in the trucking industry.

Taking a refresher course, even if you haven’t been away from the industry for a long period, is a positive in the eyes of the company hiring. It shows initiative and concern for safety within the industry.

Get Driving Experience

Unfortunately, driving experience from years ago may not be considered as relevant for many companies hiring for trucking jobs in Wisconsin. If you can, try to find a company you can get some current driving with, even if it is not on a permanent basis.

Seasonal trucking jobs, especially around the Christmas season or in the spring as stores gear up for summer, will give you some recent driving history on your record. Be willing to take even short-term jobs to add simply to your resume.

Ensure a Clean Record

It goes without saying that getting trucking jobs in Wisconsin means having a clean driving record, even if your past CDL had expired. Since driver safety is paramount for new hires, even those with experience, a clean driving record is always a big plus.

If possible, try to find references for your past driving positions that are still in the industry. This helps with applying for trucking jobs in Wisconsin, especially if you drove for top companies with excellent safety records.