Tips for Fall Weed Control in Spokane

Fall is the best season to control many of the most difficult lawn weeds. Winter annuals like hen-bit, dead-nettle, and chickweed germinate from seed in the fall, leaving them to grow as seedlings all winter long and overtake lawns in the spring. Homeowners can read on to find some tips for fall Weed Control in Spokane that might help.

Apply Pre-Emergence Herbicides

Homeowners who don’t mind using chemical herbicides on their lawns should consider applying pre-emergence herbicides this fall season. Choosing the right herbicide can be difficult, though. It’s important to choose an herbicide that will kill the weeds without damaging the surrounding lawn or other nearby plants.

Manual Control

Few homeowners have the time or determination to pull weeds by hand. Those who opt for this admittedly frustrating route should try not to disturb the soil too much, as this can allow other weeds to thrive. Homeowners who choose to weed by hand may want to use a hoe or a rake, then re-seed their grass in the spring.

Essential Weeds to Remove

Some uniquely difficult to eradicate weeds are easiest to treat in the fall. These include white clover, dandelion, thistles, and Creeping Charlie, all of which are herbaceous perennial plants. They use the same root structures to generate new above-ground growth each year, which means they need to move food and energy into their root systems to overwinter successfully. This allows herbicides to have their maximum effect since they can kill the entire plant instead of just the above-ground portions of it.

Take Notes

Homeowners who want to perform their own Weed Control in Spokane should pay attention to what unwanted plants are most prevalent. If they notice a lot of crabgrass, for example, they can apply pre-emergence herbicides in the spring to control it early in the season.

A Better Option

Don’t love the idea of spending hours every day pulling weeds by hand or applying chemical herbicides without dedicated training in how to use them safely? There’s nothing wrong with hiring a lawn control expert for fall weed control and lawn fertilizing. Check out Spokane Pro Care online today to learn about one local company that can help.