Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

You have unexpected company coming over in an hour or so, and your bathrooms are a sight to behold. The kids did not clean up after themselves before they left today and your significant other got up late and was in a big hurry. To make things worse, you are out of bathroom cleaning products, and you do not even have a daily shower cleaner. What can you do? Here are some helpful tips to save the day.

Cleaning the Toilet

Do you have some vinegar in the home? You can use white or brown distilled vinegar to make your toilet clean. First, turn off the water to the tank and flush the toilet. Pour in a cup or so of vinegar, close the lid and let it sit for about thirty minutes. After waiting, take the toilet brush and scrub the bowl for a few minutes. Turn on the water and flush. This removes a lot of stains.

Are you out of vinegar and daily shower cleaner? If so, you can try some mouthwash to clean the toilet. Use it the same way you would use the vinegar. This may give you a very clean toilet bowl.

Sinks and Mirrors

Vinegar is a good product for cleaning sinks and faucets. You can also cut a lemon and rub it all over. Citrus makes a very good cleaner, and it can remove a lot of bad smells too. For windows, try vinegar or a strong solution of black tea.

Make Your Own Shower and Tub Cleaning Agent

To get your tub or shower clean, try mixing vinegar, water, dish soap, alcohol, and lemon juice. This can work in a pinch but for best results, buy a natural daily shower cleaner. The best products are concentrated, and you only add water to have one of the best cleaners in the home.