Tips for Car Painting and Choosing a Color for Your Vehicle

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Auto Service

Car painting means your vehicle is soon to look brand new, but it also means that you have a chance to choose a new or more appealing color for the vehicle. Naturally, it might seem like the easiest thing imaginable to select a color, but there are several factors you need to consider before committing to a new hue for your ride.

Best Colors

If you are still not convinced that you need to dedicate some time and thought to the matter of car painting and color, consider that most vehicles are not painted in a way that expresses our style or personal tastes. As an example, let’s say you love robin’s egg blue and paint rooms in your home with that hue or choose hats and clothing in that color. Chances are, you haven’t driven a vehicle in that unusual shade. Instead, you find yourself looking at vehicles in a way that appeals to your personality as a driver. You drive a bit speedy, and so you seem to drive bright red cars often. This is why one expert says you should “Study the safest colors. While some are drawn to bold colors like red and blue, these bright hues may just end up costing you more money…it may be wise to avoid red, as it is argued that police are more likely to pull over red vehicles than any other color.”

Think Psychology

Insurance companies often look to psychology to determine rates for different vehicles and can even ask higher amounts for riskier hues such as vehicles painted bumblebee yellow or candy apple red. The white cars, on the other hand, are seen as less risky, along with grey, silver, and black vehicles. So, do some explorations of color psychology and avoid any that seem to cue negative reactions from authorities and insurance providers.

Think History

When you are planning a bit of car painting in New Jersey, it can’t hurt also to consider classic paint colors and even reproduction colors. For instance, if you had a vehicle from the past and you loved the color of the car, do a bit research (or ask the painter to do it for you) to find out the exact formula for that hue. This gives you an authentic hue and one you love.

Of course, no paint color looks good if it is not done professionally, and that is why anyone in NJ seeking painting should turn to the experts at Northeast Collision with years of painting, repair, and towing experience to help any driver with their needs.

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