Tips for Better Structural Steel Fabrication

Cutting, welding, or assembling steel is not as easy as it looks in Cleveland. In fact, unless you have an experienced crew working together, all kinds of problems can develop. Here are some helpful tips for making it easier on your structural steel fabrication crew, so you can improve efficiency and speed up the process.

Don’t Get in a Hurry

You may have a tight deadline and need to get the job finished as soon as possible. However, when you rush, you leave the door open for mistakes. Here is an example:

You’re building steps, and you need to measure them before and after you build them. When you rush, you could easily take a wrong measurement and forget to check your work. If your steps are the wrong size, you may end up repeating the work, and this can get your Cleveland business behind schedule quickly.

You might want to get your handrails in place as soon as possible. In fact, many structural steel fabrication workers do this before the concrete is completely set up. They measure out and cut the rails so that they can get ahead in the game. However, after the concrete sets up, you may find that the size is not exactly as you thought, and you have all that steel to scrap.

Understand the Basics of Tack Welding

Following the correct procedure is vital to structural steel fabrication in Cleveland. Tack welds are temporary but they may have to hold some heavy frames, and if they come loose, people may get hurt. In fusion welding, you have to resist shrinkage, and the right sequence is mandatory. For long seams, tack welding should start in the middle, and then alternate. Also, stainless steel tack welding is not the same as standard steel, and you should only use welders experienced in all phases of fabrication.