Tips for Avoiding the Need for Air Conditioner Repair and Extending the Life of the Equipment

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Air Conditioning

In the summer heat of southwest Florida, older central air units can struggle to keep a house cool. Annual maintenance of the system, including thorough cleaning, is important for keeping the unit functioning at optimum effectiveness. Prompt Air Conditioner Repair should be performed when the household residents notice anything unusual. There are additional ways that people can extend the lifespan of their air conditioner if they cannot yet afford to have a new one installed.

Set the Thermostat Higher

People generally know that they spend less on electricity when they keep the thermostat set a bit higher. They might not ever think about the aspect that this is easier on the unit, too. In this type of climate, air conditioners run daily for much of the year. If the household residents expect their old central air system to keep the house at 72 degrees on a 95-degree day, they are expecting a lot from the equipment.

Keep Sunshine Out

Keeping the sunshine out of the house is another way to beat the heat and avoid or at least delay the need for Air Conditioner Repair. Covering windows with light-blocking shades, blinds or drapes helps with climate control on hot, sunny days.

Reduce Humidity Levels

Making sure humidity levels stay low inside the home also is helpful. A whole-house dehumidifier could be installed by a contractor such as Jones Air Conditioning & Electric, or the residents could choose to use a couple of portable dehumidifiers. Long, hot showers should be avoided, and so should boiling water on the stove. If anyone is seriously craving corn on the cob or hardboiled eggs, the pot should be covered with a lid and the water dumped out immediately after the food is cooked.

Provide Adequate Air Circulation

Sometimes the compressor has to work harder because air circulation around it is inadequate. Heating and cooling technicians would mention this to the customer when they are at the home, but something may change between appointments. For instance, the homeowner might have set up a shade or a fence to block sun from the unit, but materials that are too close also block air. Visit the website to learn more about this particular contractor. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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