Times in A Divorce to Talk to A Family Law Attorney Before Making a Decision

In many divorces, attorneys are only brought into the situation after decisions have been made, some which can have a very negative impact on the divorce and the ability to resolve things without needing to go to court.

Most divorce cases that are handled by an experienced, trained and specialized family law attorney are agreed upon by the couple and then formalized through the court. This provides a low-conflict option to resolving the divorce and also prevents the couple from having to go through the challenges of litigation.

If you have not yet hired an attorney but are in a separation or the beginning of the divorce process, there are essential issues to discuss with a family law attorney before taking action. By taking the time to consult with an attorney, you can prevent a mistake that may impact your choices at a later point in time.

Leaving the State

Leaving the state—particularly taking the children out of state, can be a serious issue in the eyes of the court. Before moving or relocating the children, even on a temporary basis, consult with a family law attorney.

There is the possibility of moving out of state with children, but a court will need to have a plan in place that shows this decision is in the best interests of the children.

Making Big Purchases

Making large purchases on joint accounts, credit cards or pulling out cash from investments and retirement plans during the separation or prior to the divorce are also problems. Do not assume that the existence of joint accounts means that either spouse can access and spend or move the money as he or she sees fit.

By talking to a divorce attorney before these types of actions, you can fully understand the potential risks and consequences involved. Knowing these issues will allow you to make decisions in your own best interests and avoid creating further conflict.