Three Signs That You Might Have Bipolar Disorder in the Phoenix Area

Bipolar disorder is a life-disrupting mood disorder that can take a person through dangerous highs and lows. It’s crucial to bipolar treatment in Phoenix if you feel as though you may suffer from it. The following are some of the most common symptoms of the disorder.

Frequent Mood Swings

Frequent mood swings are one of the most common signs of bipolar disorder. An individual who suffers from this disorder may experience extreme highs that make him or her feel on top of the world. Those extreme highs may suddenly crash into a severe depression that causes a loss in daily pleasures and suicidal thoughts.

Poor Judgment

Many people who have bipolar disorder make poor decisions and have poor judgment. You may want to seek an evaluation if you have made some less-than-desirable decisions, and you think it may be due to bipolar disorder.

Unusually High Sex Drive

A high sex drive runs rampant in some people with bipolar disorder. The increased sex drive also sometimes leads to promiscuity. You could be suffering from the condition if you find that you have an unusually high sex drive, and it causes you to engage in promiscuous activities.

One or two symptoms is not enough to diagnose you with bipolar disorder, however. It would be best for you to see a professional for a full evaluation and diagnosis. At that time, you can bipolar treatment in Phoenix that can help you manage the symptoms of the disorder.