Three Red Flags to Know About Moving Services for Your Chicago Relocation

Opting for moving professionals for your residential or commercial move is quite possibly the best decision you could make for this stressful undertaking. Deciding to opt for a credible establishment ensures that your belongings remain safe, moving day goes through without a hitch and you remain unperturbed and relaxed.

Nevertheless, not all establishments provide quality moving services. Chicago is home to reputable companies, but there may be a few that may not be suitable to hire. If you are still in the process of vetting and choosing the company that you would be doing business with, it is best to look out for the red flags below:

Refusing to Make an In-Person Estimate

The only way for a mover to accurately provide a price range for their service is by visiting your property and assessing the labor it takes to pack and haul your belongings. If a moving company refuses to do so, it might be a sign that they are looking to bump the prices come moving day. During moving day, they expect you to be stressed and frazzled so much so that you wouldn’t be opposed to paying more.

Pricing is Dubiously Low

Full package moving services cost considerable amount of money. Between the tediousness of packing to the back-breaking work of hauling dressers and tables, the expense is well justified. As such, it is smart to be wary of rates that are ridiculously low. Most probably there are several loopholes in the document that you would be signing that would end in you paying more. As they say, you get what you pay for. Be diligent in your research.

The Moving Service Provide Insists on You Signing a Blank Document

This red flag should go without saying. However, there are individuals who still fall for companies who force their clients to sign blank or incomplete contracts. Before signing anything, go over the document twice in order to make sure that there are no loopholes. If you can, have a lawyer go through it.

Opting for professional moving services can make your life a lot easier. With the information above, surely you would find a moving company suitable for your needs.