Three Reasons to Call for a Heating Repair in Waldorf, MD

There are many ways to troubleshoot your home’s heating system if you’re having problems with it keeping the house warm during the winter. You can check to make sure all the vents are open, the filters have been changed, and the thermostat is correctly set and you can reset the system if nothing else works. If you’re still having issues with the heat, you should call for repairs in these circumstances.

No Hot Air

If the air coming from the vents is not heated, you’ve checked to make sure that the pilot light is lit, and you’ve reset the system, you should call for repairs. The lack of heat could indicate a need for a new igniter if the system doesn’t have a pilot light or it could be a faulty motor. Both problems call for professional heating repair in Waldorf, MD.

Strange Noises

Aside from hearing the heating system turn on, you shouldn’t hear any sounds coming from it. If it pops when switching on or rattles as it’s running, something is wrong. Call for a heating repair technician to check the system to make sure it’s safe and have it repaired if there is a problem.

Heating Bill Too High

Even though you should expect a slight increase in your energy bill during the winter, if it is way too high, something could be wrong with the system. Call a Waldorf heating repair technician to come out and inspect the system to find out what the problem is. The repair could be worth the cost if it ends up making your heating system run more efficiently.

To avoid needing a heating repair, your system should be serviced in the fall before it is time to use it. The repair technician can clean the system, change the filter and, if it is a gas system, light the pilot for you.