Three Business Models That Award Committees Recognize in London

Business awards in London recognize operations from many industries. The United Kingdom is rich with entrepreneurs, small business leaders, and tech teams that positively impact the world and their communities. Each group brings something unique to its professional platforms, and selection committees recognize their contributions annually.


Startups and entrepreneurs tend to solve problems and break molds. These professionals transform traditional work models and combine bold ideas. It is a competitive bracket, and many do not survive the first few years, so when one does, others in their field take notice. It is not unheard of for a fellow competitor to elect a ground-breaking startup for an award.

Small Business

Smaller operations offer high levels of customer service. The staff takes time to interact with customers. In order to compete with big-box stores, the owners often place community over profit. Small companies that show resilience, innovation, and eco-friendly traits are candidates for business awards in London. Consumers like to know that the businesses they support take measures to utilize sustainable products and curtail waste.


Tech companies are driving the digital and virtual world. Developers and coders are changing everything from healthcare to banking. Some strong candidates for the tech-based business awards in London have put together user-friendly applications, or their systems have found ways to save money. New programs are merging lifestyle with work, which fosters company culture. Tech workers often search for employers that support them outside the office, and owners are responding. To learn how to nominate a company, contact British Business Excellence Awards at