Three Big Things That People Hate about Your Website

If you had a store and didn’t maintain it inside and out, then it would be a mess. If you never vacuumed, washed the windows, fixed broken lighting, dusted, or updated your stock, then people would avoid coming in – isn’t that right? So why would you allow your website to go without needed maintenance and updating? People find this just as irritating and off-putting as they would a dirty and neglected storefront. They’ll find another place to do business.

1. It’s still loading. And loading. And loading. The more time that a webpage takes to load the higher the likelihood that the person viewing it will leave. Load times of more than four seconds effectively double the chance that the user will hit that back button and try another site.

2. Mobile is a no-go. After years of telling you so, Google began rolling out mobile first indexing in early 2018. One in five people use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones as their only access to the internet. By not optimizing for mobile, companies stand to lose 1/5 of their potential market.

3. Can’t find the navigation menu. One of the most prominent features of any site design on either mobile or desktop sites should be the navigation menu. It should be clearly shown, or indicated with a clear three horizontal lines – also known as the “hamburger.”

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