Things You Should Know About Electronic Vapor Cigarettes

The number of smokers would like to quit is 58 percent and the number of smokers who use E cigarettes to quit smoking is 70 percent. In fact 21 percent of all smokers in the United States are using electronic cigarettes. Despite recent FDA regulation of these devices, they are becoming more popular than ever. You can find these devices anywhere from your local 7-11 to specialized vape stores and lounges that stock everything from a basic battery coil and tank up to the latest mods, drip tips, advanced coils, tanks and other accessories that make vaping such a fascinating activity.

E cig Components

E cigarettes – or electronic vapor cigarettes – have just a few major parts. The first part is the battery which is used to heat the coil. The coil is inside a tank that contains the vape juice. Activating the battery heats the coil, the coil is in contact with the juice which it turns to vapor. The vapor is then inhaled in the same way that smoke is inhaled from a cigarette. As cigarette smoking is banned in more locations – even in apartment buildings, condominiums, and outdoor venues – using these devices is becoming more popular. With the endless variety of gourmet juice flavors, it is even pleasurable for those who have never become addicted to nicotine.

E cigarettes are a worldwide phenomenon that is only becoming more popular, despite recent regulatory efforts. There are vape lounges where people can go to smoke, and try out exotic flavor creations made by combining different flavors of e juices. There are even vapers who make their own vape juice at home in order to save money, and to see just what flavors they can come up with on their own. Try a local vape store or reputable online dealer to find out what it’s all about.