Things to Know About Glass Spoon Hand Pipes

Glass spoon hand pipes, which are shaped like spoons, are one of the most common pipes in the cannabis world. They have a neck with a round bowl, a head, and a carburetor, or “carb hole.” A small hole on the side of the bowl is called a “carb hole.” With this hole, users can control how much air flows through the pipe. When the hole is closed, smoke is drawn into the pipe and stored in the bowl. When you uncover the hole while you’re breathing, you can get quick, fresh hits.

Why Glass?

The most popular material used to make spoon pipes is glass. A glass hand pipe is good because it does not change the taste of your smoking herb. Also, it doesn’t soak up any of the taste, which keeps the flavor even stronger. Glass is easy to clean, even though it quickly shows dust and smoke spots.

Buying a Glass Spoon Pipe

Because there are so many different glass spoon hand pipes, it can be hard to find the right one for you. Price and size are two things that you need to think about before buying one.

You can choose between different sizes. Think about how you’ll use your pipe. Whether you want a bowl for quick, solo sessions on the go or for enjoying with a group will affect your choice. Size and material directly affect price, as you might expect. But the normal spoon pipe costs between $10 and $50.