Things to Know About Getting a Root Canal

The thought of getting a root canal can be very scary, but sometimes it helps to know just what you are walking into. Knowing what the dentist is going to do during this procedure may help calm your nerves and remove the fears you have of the process.

Get X-Rays

The first thing your dental clinic in Lumberton, TX, will do is take an x-ray of your mouth. This is done so that they can see where the problem is and see if there is any infection in the surrounding area. Your dentist may use anesthesia on you so that they can do the procedure without any problems, but some may just give you a shot to numb your mouth.

Remove the Pulp

Your dentist will need your mouth to be dry and free of saliva during this process. They will place a rubber dam or a sheet of rubber around your tooth so that the saliva cannot get in. Then your dentist will drill what is known as an access hole into the tooth and remove the bacteria, pulp, damaged nerve tissue, and other debris away from the tooth.

Seal the Tooth

Once your tooth is completely clean and free of debris your dentist will seal the tooth. Some dentists will wait a week or so before they seal off your tooth instead of doing it right away. If your tooth becomes infected your dentist will insert medication into the hole in your tooth. If your root canal is not finished within one visit, your dentist will put a temporary filling in so that nothing will get stuck in the hole and so that your tooth will not be infected. Once you are ready to go back to the dentist the temporary filling will be removed so it can be finished.

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