Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Theatre Projector

Buying a projector and screen can make it easy to get the optimal movie viewing experience at home. While these projectors aren’t necessarily cheap, they have come down in price a lot over the last few years, making them more easily accessible to purchase for home use. To get the best experience. however, it’s important to choose the right Home Theatre Projector.

Consider Projector Type
When shopping for projectors at website or another store, start by narrowing down the projector type. Projectors can be DLP or LCD. DLP projectors tend to have a high contrast ratio and be very accurate without producing shadows, but have a limited amount of pixels and aren’t as bright as LCD projectors. They also may have a rainbow effect when there are brief flashes of colour across the screen. DLP projectors tend to be less expensive than the LCD options. LCD projectors tend to be compact and bright with good colour saturation, but don’t tend to do as good a job with colour uniformity as DLP projectors and can lose their image quality as time goes by.

Choose Your Preferred Aspect Ratio
A Home Theatre Projector will either have a 4:3 aspect ratio or a 16:9 aspect ratio. What a person tends to view most often should be considered when choosing which type to purchase. Those who view a lot of Blue-rays or HDTV will prefer the higher-quality image from the 16:9 ratio, but should understand that images from non-HD sources will look small. The 4:3 aspect ratio is best for viewing regular TV and classic films but has images that aren’t as high of a resolution and that aren’t as sharp. Wide screen films will have black lines above and below the picture on the screen as they do on some types of TVs.

Get the Right Lumens
The less expensive projectors with under 1,000 lumens are only good for use on smaller screens that are about 43 x 57 inches in a dark room. Projectors with closer to 2,000 lumens can handle dimly lit rooms and average-sized screens, while those of up to 3,000 lumens are fine for the typical living room with a little bit of ambient lighting and any size of screen. Projectors with over 3,000 lumens should only be used in rooms with lighting, not dark rooms.

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