These Hoarder House Cleaning Pros Will Make Your LA Home Livable Again

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Business

If you require hoarder house cleaning service in Los Angeles or know someone who does, these clutter and hoarding pros are the professionals to call. They have made homes that were filled with clutter that reached the ceiling livable again. They have 5-star reviews on yelp.

This house cleaning company works with hoarder family members, estate attorneys, real estate agents, professionals in the senior service business and others who need hoarder house cleanup. It has provided clutter-clearing in LA and Orange County for over 20 years. The experts who work for this company give you the control you need to accomplish your goal.

This hoarder house cleaning service in Los Angeles works to get rid of the clutter and save the items that are reusable. Cash, jewelry and valuable coins have been found in the disorderly mess. After being buried underneath the clutter, precious items were found and returned to their owners.

Health and safety guidelines are followed when this hoarder house cleaning service cleans a home. Rat infestation is handled professionally as rats carry diseases that can be fatal to humans. Bedbug remediation is practiced.

This company is trustworthy, so you can be sure the cleaners who work for it will return your valuables to you when they find them. Another plus is the owner of this business has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, which helps in her line of work. She is a hoarding specialist who handles each job she does with compassion. Contact if you need a home decluttered.

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