The Wood Garage Door: Traditional, Beautiful And Reliable

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Garage Door

Technology has produced new materials and durable products. It has touched every aspect of our life from where we live to what we do. Our homes are in existence because of technology. The devices we operate may be low or high tech. Very little goes unaffected by this invasion, including our garage doors. Yet, sometimes, a tradition remains strong. This is the case with wood garage door. Traditional, beautiful and reliable, it seems majorly untouched by our technological. In fact, while aluminum garage doors are is common, wood garage doors continue to remain popular in Madison WI.

Why Choose Wood Garage Doors?

People have their reasons for preferring wood garage doors over aluminum or steel ones. Besides being classic and never going out of fashion, this style of garage door is quite advantageous when compared to its rivals. Wood garage doors are:

  • Visually Appealing: Customized or not, wood doors, with their natural look highlighted by stained or clear glass windows, are a beautiful sight. Their crisp, clean lines and natural material draw and hold the eye no matter what style they manifest.
  • Diverse Styles: You can choose from a variety of styles to reflect the tone of your home or to contrast with the residential architecture. A few common styles in Madison WI are carriage style, classic and contemporary
  • Dent-Proof: Unlike certain other materials used to produce a garage door, wood is dent-proof. Its durability is attested to by the number of parents who choose this type over others when they have active or hyperactive children
  • Durable: Depending upon the type of wood and the environment, good wood garage doors can and do outlast the competition
  • Eco-Friendly: Wood is eco-friendly. It is easily recycled. The wood is often from sustainable resources grown specifically for building purposes
  • Affordability: Wood is a material that is a comparable in price to other materials including aluminum and steel. Prices do vary providing you with a chance to purchase a garage wood door that reflects your personality and/or the architecture of your residence without running over budget

In addition, while wood garage doors remain traditional in concept, in reality they have not completely escaped technology. Both straight stock and customized wood garage doors feature technological advancements. They often relate to the opening and closing mechanisms. They also indicate our concerns with ensuring the door is waterproof, wind-proof and insulated.

The Old/New Wood Garage Door

When considering garage doors, wooden ones may attract you, but you are concerned about certain weaknesses. While it is possible to construct a simple plank wood door for your garage, today’s models come with sophisticated features intended to reduce their fallibility. By working with a designer in Madison WI, you can easily arrive at a wood garage door that matches all your expectations of beauty and durability.

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