The Wonderful World of Aluminum Plate

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Aluminum

Most people don’t know this, but most products or certain parts of products are made of, or contain a specific percentage of aluminum. There are many companies, even countries, such as Vietnam, who base their economy on a “single” aluminum plate. Aluminum has great value. It can make some countries’ economy to boom (like the United Arab Emirates’) or just helps them to stay alive. We use aluminum for building, for going to work (in the form of cars or public transports, which have aluminum parts, too), we eat from aluminum, too. Aluminum is as important as gold, with the difference that gold is mostly used for making jewels and supporting currencies, while aluminum is used mostly in heavy industry.

Here are some common items, which contain aluminum:

Vehicles: Vehicles, public transports, cars, buses, industrial vehicles, trucks contain a significant amount of aluminum. Researchers say, most cars in the USA will be aluminum-bodied by 2030. If this is true, the need for aluminum will significantly increase, so the price will increase, too.

Laptops: High quality notebooks come with an aluminum body to prevent breaks and to last longer.

Cans: Cans have been made from aluminum for decades.

Eyeglass: Eyeglass frames are made from aluminum too.

Antennas: Antennas have a part,which is aluminum and this is the most important part of the whole antenna system. This part helps to locate the signal of a wi-fi router, a radio station, or even to communicate with satellites.

Bicycles: More than 50% of the bicycle parts are made from aluminum.

Computers: Computer parts contain a small amount, especially the key components which are made from aluminum. For example: the video card chip is made from the material, but the whole graphic card is garbage without it, as the chip controls the whole system of the device. The same is with processors too.

Baseball bats: The best quality baseball bats are made from aluminum. It makes hitting the ball much easier, gives more power behind the swing and the sound of the aluminum bat is music to many player’s ears.

Construction materials: Windows and doors contain a specific amount of the premised material. The function of the aluminum inside these construction material is to keep them together. Without it, doors and windows would corrode and would be easier to break. Wires are made of aluminum too, because it drives electricity, so it can be used to connect electrical devices.

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