The Virginia Mountains are a Perfect Backdrop for a Great Glass of Wine

The mountains of northern Virginia beckon you to come and breathe fresh air, collect your thoughts, and relax with a good glass of wine. With rolling hills, cool mountain mornings and high altitude, this area is the perfect place for growing grapes that are turned into phenomenal wines. A great winery in northern VA gives visitors a place to sip a glass while enjoying the view with friends.

Most wineries offer tours of their vineyards. Good wineries also allow visitors to see grapes made into the finished product. Great wineries welcome guests to stroll through the vineyards and manor house. Tour the cellars where the wines are kept. Sample your favorites and find new favorites. Purchase a velvety Merlot or a creamy Chardonnay to take home. Then head upstairs to sit and enjoy a fireplace, listen to live music, and sip your latest find. Now that’s a great winery.

Specialty Wines

A winery in northern VA may produce specialty wines in addition to the traditional vintages. Local ingredients like fruits and honey may be added to the grapes to produce unique flavors. Spices like nutmeg and anise produce a candied fruit taste. Berries like blueberry, blackberry and raspberry are native to the Blue Ridge mountains. Smart wineries know that these berries burst with flavor and compliment many wines.

Winning Wines

Amazing wineries know how to produce the best flavors for their customers. Award-winning wines are proof positive that the wine-makers know their craft. Awards like The Virginia Governor’s Cup, The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, and the Harvest Challenge Sonoma County show that northern Virginia wines are as good (or better) than popular California wines.

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