The Types And Applications Of Captive Screws

Industries are changing and with them the demands for specialty fasteners has increased. With different applications and advanced technologies, manufacturers are demanding the highest quality possible. One of the specialty fasteners is a type called captive screws. While captive screws find their ways into furniture assembly kits for consumers, they are also requested by the military and its contractors.

What Are Captive Screws?

A captive screw is a type of screw designed specifically to lock into place or position in the material into which it has been placed. By being installed firmly into the hole and locking itself there, it remains attached even when not engaged. It also allows facile set up and removal of any of the attached pieces without taking the screw out. It also prevents loss of parts by firmly adhering to its position and latching other components firmly in place. Captive screws are, therefore, in high demand by various industries because of these characteristics.

Types of Captive Screws and Other Captive Hardware

While there are no specific or current consensus standards connected with captive screws – making it necessary to always check before you try to use types interchangeably, they can be categorized according to certain characteristics. Captive hardware can be found matching the following types:

* Blind
* Floating
* Flush head or mount – very popular for providing a smooth look
* Miniature
* Panel
* Self-locking
* Twist-and-lock (furniture)

In fact, captive screws are extremely adaptable and versatile. They are designed to suit a variety of industries. When motherboards move along down a production line, the type used may be retractable or pivoting. This protects the employees from harm. However, the same type of screws may be designed to be flush with the object in which they are installed.


The applications of captive screws are varied. The versatility makes them in demand by several industries. There are actually three major industries or groups that utilize this type of fastener with regularity. They are the military, the furniture business and electronics – computer cases and other computer parts. For all groups the ability to assemble and disassemble without losing the screw is highly advantageous.

The Popularity of Captive Screws

These specialty fasteners are able to allow fast access to parts and items requiring rapid repair since a simple screwdriver may be all that is required to remove them. While not standardized per se, batches from the same manufacturer ensure the screws are uniform and easy to use. Captive screws, therefore, will continue to remain popular with industries where ease, safety and rapid and bulk assembly is required.

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