The Three Most Requested Small Business Tax Services

Running a business is not an easy task, and most entrepreneurs will admit that they didn’t start a company so they could calculate and file their taxes. Fortunately, some companies provide Small Business Tax Services to make managing the finances of a company easy and worry free. Before a small business owner gets frustrated and throws in the towel, they owe it to themselves to contact a certified public accountant. While there are a number of ways they can make managing finances easier, the following represents the top three tax services they provide.

Sales Tax Calculation and Submission

Companies that sell items to customers are required to collect the proper amount of state sales tax and submit it to the state. A tax service will track the amount of tax dollars that have been collected and complete the required documentation. They will then submit the items to the state and provide audit assistance should the state question any of the fillings that they have completed on behalf of the business.

Annual Reporting

The best way to track the success of a business is to view financial records on a regular basis. Not only will this assist the owner in making future decisions, but it can also make it easier to obtain financing for future expansions. A company that provides Small Business Tax Services will create accurate financial reports on a quarterly and yearly basis, and improve the financial transparency of any size company.

Payroll Processing and Income Tax Filing

A business is only as good as the people that work there. Processing payroll and ensuring that income taxes are filed timely and correctly is a critical part of owning a business. A CPA firm will process payroll and take care of direct deposits and filling of items with both state and federal agencies. Remove the possibility of significant fines and fees by letting a professional firm ensure all taxes are paid on time.

Owning a business can be a great deal of work. Take the worry of finances out of the equation by choosing to hire the tax experts at Robert A. Woloshen CPA firm. They can help any size or type of business manage their finances the easy way. Visit to learn more and see how they can help any company succeed financially.