The Role of Security Guards in San Antonio, TX

People employ security guards in San Antonio, TX for a number of reasons. They are hired to protect people, property and assets. They are typically in uniform to maintain a visual presence that help deter detrimental actions that might be harmful to the people, property or assets they are paid to protect.

There are several ways security guards can deter illegal activity. Certain situations warrant the protection a guards can offer. The first function of a security guard is to maintain a physical presence that can be seen. Guards are typically stationed at a specific location and are responsible for keeping that location safe and remaining aware and watchful for any suspicious activity or potential danger. Another way security guards offer protection are through regular patrols of a specific area. Mobile patrol units can be on foot or motorized vehicle in order to monitor a larger area for vulnerability. Patrols are usually on call and available to respond to any raised alarms within their assigned patrol area. These days, security cameras and alarm systems play a more prominent role in the day-to-day activities of security guards in San Antonio, TX. Professionals are often paid to watch cameras or alarm systems for breaches of security. If something is caught on tape, it must be acted upon and then reported. Sometimes this is how patrols are sent out to investigate incidents.

Security guards in San Antonio, TX should not be confused with law enforcement officers. Their methodology in dealing with situations is different than that of law enforcers. Security guards are typically instructed to follow the “detect, deter, observe, and report” approach. Their primary function is to prevent and deter crime and vandalism. Guards are instructed to abide by the specific rules and guidelines of the company they work for, while also abiding all laws. They can act accordingly to protect property and lives. Security guards are often trained and permitted to use restraints on unruly individuals, use CPR, and perform first aid. They also have proper authority to make a citizen’s arrest.

Dealing with incidents is expected in their job description, so security guards in San Antonio, TX are also trained to make honest assessments and take detailed notes of troublesome situations for documentation purposes. When a company hires them, the company must have accurate information for legal purposes. They must have some sort of protection from liability so fault can clearly be assigned and claims can be processed.

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