The Role Of Mechanical Engineering in Cleveland TN Construction

Mechanical engineering is the design and manufacture of machines, something that humans have been doing since ancient times. During the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, mechanical engineering came into its own as a profession, and it is now considered the oldest type of engineering. Despite its long-ago origins, the profession is currently at the forefront of many new technologies. Mechanical Engineering in Cleveland TN is involved in many sectors of the area’s economy.

Mechanical engineering is a broad field that incorporates aspects of chemical and electrical engineering, along with physics and advanced math. This breadth gives the field many diverse areas of sub-specialization, including thermodynamics, manufacturing, transportation systems, aerospace, robotics, and bio-engineering, to name a few. Mechanical engineering is key to the sectors of energy, health care, and defense, all of which have an impact on the future of society. The future will have plenty of mechanical engineers as the field is currently the most popular type of engineering at both the undergraduate and doctoral level.

In the construction industry, mechanical engineers design heating, cooling and ventilation systems, including geothermal heat pumps, and plumbing systems. Mechanical engineering is often concerned with energy systems and energy efficiency. A mechanical engineering consultant can work with builders, architects, plumbers, and electricians to design sustainable and money saving energy systems throughout the building through energy modeling. A model can allow for comparison of different materials, glazing, rooftops, lighting options, and building orientations, among other things. Several energy saving systems include a solar heating system, a geothermal plumbing system, and a demand control ventilation system.

Mechanical engineers are involved in all stages of project development, from design and drawing to permitting, installation and testing. Consulting engineers follow up after a project’s completion to make sure all systems are sound and to test energy use.

Consulting firms work for any business that does not have a sufficient in-house engineering staff for a given project, and they can provide engineers who have a wide range of expertise. If you have a project in the Cleveland area, you can find more information about Mechanical Engineering in Cleveland TN.