The Right Technique

Brazing steel to copper is a process that has been in use for years and is still utilized in many areas today. Anyone with experience in this area knows that different metals have different properties. It is important to know how you should work with these materials before getting started on the job. Being educated on the proper process will ensure a quality finished product. Whether you are doing it yourself or seeking assistance from a professional, you can make the most of it by knowing what is required.

The major difference between brazing steel to copper and brazing it to itself or to other metals is that a substance known as a flux is required. This is a chemical compound that usually comes in a liquid or paste form. It can also be used as the core or the coating of a wire or rod that is being used in the process. However it is done, the flux should be applied to the joint being worked on before the brazing begins. The flux is there to protect the metal from oxides that form during the heating process. It also facilitates the flow of the material that is bein used the braze the two metals together. When it comes to this filler material, it is important to use something that is free of any phosphorus. Otherwise, the joint can become brittle and will need to be redone. Knowing the properties of what you are working with is vital to avoiding these mistakes.

When working with metals, the right expertise is required for the current situation. The process of brazing steel to copper highlights this fact even further. Being aware of the different properties of materials being used is often the key to a perfect finished product. This is why an alliance with some experienced professionals is a good idea. It ensures that your brazed metals will last for years to come.