The Right Hydraulic Cylinder for Your Application

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Machinery and Equipment

Hydraulic cylinders are known by everyone and applied in multiple industries. What most people do not know are the different varieties of hydraulic cylinders for sale by distributors. These multiple cylinder types have been useful for the diverse needs of industries like manufacturing, construction equipment, or automotive vehicles.

Single Acting Cylinders

Single acting cylinders are the simplest of the hydraulic cylinders for sale by distributors. These are applied in machines where hydraulic force is only needed to go into a single direction. Due to the simplicity and low cost, these are a very popular option used in most industries.

Piggyback Cylinders

These are two single cylinders that are welded together. Typically, the cylinders will blow in the opposite direction. Since these are so simple, it is a common budget option for more complex hydraulic needs.

Telescopic Cylinders

These cylinders are useful in multi-directional hydraulic applications when a quick solution like piggyback cylinders is not sufficient enough. These can output a great deal of force for a long distance. They do so by expanding and collapsing through six stages of cylinders, which make it look like an extended telescope.

Double Acting Cylinders

There are the most popular of the hydraulic cylinders for sale by distributors. This is because of the simplicity of the design while maintaining the ability to be applied in multiple angles. Each end of the cylinder has a port that is supplied with hydraulic fluid. This design makes it so that it can be used without the presence of external force to start the cylinder.

Understanding the above should help an engineer choose which hydraulic cylinder to use in their applications. A combination of cylinders may very well be used to achieve the end goal of applying force in certain directions. Any of these cylinders are also widely available from distributors in bulk.

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