The Responsibility For Broken Window Repair In Residential Rental Properties

A tenant calls the landlord and says there’s a need for Broken Window Repair. Who is responsible for scheduling the work and paying for it? Generally, the property owner will want to choose the replacement service and schedule the appointment. However, the responsibility of payment depends on certain factors.

A landlord justifiably should expect tenants to pay for Broken Window Repair if they, in fact, broke the window. It can be difficult to determine who actually is responsible for the damage. Renters may state that a passerby vandalized the place, perhaps throwing a rock at the window. The renters may state that somebody tried to break in by busting the glass. The property owner often has no way to determine whether this is true or not.

If the tenant admits that somebody in the rental home is responsible, then the renter should pay the bill for repairs. This should only be payment for damage that was done in the incident, which probably requires glass replacement. It normally should not require frame replacement. If the property owner decides this would be a good moment to replace the entire window, including the frame, that extra work should not be assessed to the renter’s bill.

Another important factor is whether the renter signed a lease that specifies tenants must pay for this type of damage. Some standard leases state that landlords are only responsible for paying for repairs due to regular maintenance needs or their own negligence. Renters then must pay even if the window was broken by a vandal or a burglar. If the lease does not have this provision or there is no lease, the property owner probably will have to pay the bill. The situation cannot be ignored or delayed for very long. Getting the window fixed is essential for keeping the property up to municipal code standards. Broken windows are considered safety hazards and a factor that can directly impact health and well-being in a negative way. A company such as Westside Glass responds promptly to calls for repair work. Visit the website for more details on services provided by this company. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.