The Pros of a Solar Flashlight

There are considerable benefits of having a solar flashlight that you may not have considered. There are also some misconceptions regarding this type of flashlight that can easily be dispelled and help you to understand your options better.

What Are Solar Powered Flashlights/Torches?

Any device that is considered “solar” gets the majority of its power from the sun. The sunlight is utilized to power the rechargeable battery that is used to power the device. In the case of flashlights/torches the solar power can energize the light for a varying amount of hours depending on the amount of exposure it has had during the sunlight hours.  The number of lumens (the brightness of the light and the distance that it goes) also varies depending on the size of the bulb and other factors.

The Misconceptions

One of the largest misconceptions about this type of flashlight is that the light is not very bright.  The light or lumens can be compared to any battery powered lighting.  The idea is that the solar power is not enough to charge the battery to provide enough energy. You get the same amount of charge as you would with any traditional “disposable battery” flashlight.

The Pros

The pros are evident when you consider that:

   *   You are not limited by the ability to manually charge the batteries in the case of traditionally rechargeable systems
   *   You are not producing any waste
   *   Infinite battery life
   *   You can depend on the lighting no matter where you are as long as there is some sunlight

Flashlights that have to be plugged up to an electrical source to recharge can limit where you can travel with them.  If you are in a situation where you have no electrical power source you will not have reliable lighting. With a solar model as long as you have sun you can charge the batteries.  Of course you are not using any energy so it is also a cost savings. You are not producing any waste by having to discard batteries and replace with new ones. There is an infinite battery life so you reduce the expense of having to buy new batteries.  No matter where you go as long as you have access to sunlight you will be able to recharge the flashlight and never have to worry about being caught without a power source.  It is a win for the environment, your wallet and your lighting needs in an emergency!

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