The Pros And Cons Of 3 Common Options In No Hide Dog Chews

Dog owners who understand the importance of feeding only no hide dog chews to their pets have three basic options in alternatives to rawhide. Understanding the pros and cons of each will allow people to choose the best option for their pet.

Nylon or Rubber Chews

Nylon or rubber chews are found in most pet toy sections, and they are purely for chewing enjoyment for your dog. They are made in many different shapes and sizes, and some are even flavored.

Dogs will either love to gnaw on these no hide dog chews or they will ignore them. The dogs that love to chew will often bite off pieces as the rubber or nylon gets older and more brittle, which does pose a risk for the dog. Owners will need to remove these chews at the first sign of damage.

Natural Raw Bones

Natural, raw joint or knuckle bones correctly sized for a dog are a very healthy alternative in no hide dog chews. However, they are also very messy, and they can cause dogs to have digestive problems, resulting in diarrhea or constipation depending on the dog and his or her diet.

Raw bones can also splinter and need to be removed with then are chewed down to a size that may pose a risk of swallowing. These bones will attract flies and insects, which is a downside to consider.

Real Ingredient Dog Chews

There are a few select lines of healthy, non-rawhide chews for dogs. They are made from baked pork skin, real chicken, peanut butter and milk, plus they also have added vitamins and nutrients.

These healthy alternatives are 100% consumable by the dog, which means you can give them indoors or out. They are also 99.9% digestible, which makes them a very healthy option compared to rawhide or other alternatives.