The Most Common Truck Accidents in Bethlehem, PA

Truck accidents on the road are far too common. There is a popular myth that truck drivers are at fault for these accidents but that’s just not true. Truck drivers are professional drivers with years of experience and training; they are the most reliable and most well-equipped drivers on the road. The average driver is not a professional who has been trained extensively in driving, which is why most accidents involving trucks are not the fault of the truck driver. However, if you are a truck driver, you still need to be careful after an accident. After an accident, you might need an attorney. The attorney will help you argue your case to your employer as well as against the other driver.

The Employer

You need to explain yourself to your employer after an accident. You have to establish why the accident was not your fault and assess the damage. If you are unionized, then you’ll have to present to your union as well as your employer. Dealing with the fallout of an accident is incredibly difficult and complicated. You need to make sure that you hire a good attorney for even the most minor of truck accidents in Bethlehem, PA.

Even minor Bethlehem truck accidents can change your insurance rate, alter the way you are paid, and affect your employment future.

Employment Future

Reprisal from your employer is just one reason to hire an attorney after even small truck accidents. Depending on the contract that you’ve signed, you likely cannot be fired for an accident, especially if it’s not your fault. A lawyer will help represent you and protect your interests. That’s very important for someone who relies on driving for his or her income. The expense of a lawyer is definitely worthwhile.

If you have been in an accident, whether or not it is your fault, you should call an attorney to represent you.