The Most Common Repairs Needed After Hail Damage In Indianapolis

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Roofing

A thunderstorm can quickly turn violent and lead to dangerous wind and even hail, which can cause extreme damage to any outdoor structure, most of which is hard to spot. Fortunately, an expert in Hail Damage in Indianapolis will be able to inspect a home and determine if any damage which can lead to long-term issues exists. The following are the three most common repairs that are warranted after a hail storm, and how a professional restoration company can help when disaster strikes.

Roof Damage

The most likely area to receive the most amount of damage is a home’s roof, as the hail will likely have an unobstructed path. Even if there isn’t any visible damage, it is likely that any shingles or metal roofing materials will sustain some form of damage that will limit their ability to keep a home free from water exposure. It is essential to have the shingles of a house inspected and repaired as quickly as possible to prevent the onset of other damaging conditions.

Gutters and Drainage Systems

Though the gutters and drainage systems of a home are not as exposed as a roof, they are still susceptible to a great deal of damage. The majority of gutter systems are made of aluminum, and they can dent and bend easily as a result of direct contact with hail. This can cause them to stop working correctly, which can lead to the formation of foundation damage due to a water intrusion.

Siding and Windows

Hail storms that are accompanied by high winds will often damage the siding and windows of a home. Be sure to hire a contractor who can identify Hail Damage in Indianapolis so they can determine if the siding of a structure has been compromised. Minor damage may only require a fresh coat of paint, while more severe cases may warrant the replacement of siding panels or any windows that sustained a direct impact.

Hail damage doesn’t have to be devastating, and the team at Amos Exteriors Inc is standing by to help. Call today to learn more about the services they provide, and how they can restore a home in a matter of weeks and keep a family’s most significant investment safe for years to come.

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