The Most Common Reasons To Need AC Repair In Sarasota FL

While there may be hundreds of different factors why a home’s air conditioner might need repairs, there are some that are much more common than others. Understanding what these are and what a technician is referring to when discussing options for AC repair in Sarasota FL can be beneficial when it comes to resolving the problem. Some of the top problems with AC units can be found here.

Faulty Wiring

Uncertified, haphazard, or shotty AC wiring is extremely risky. It may even be a fire hazard. Improper or bad wiring can prevent the entire system from getting the power it needs to operate and may even trip the home’s circuit breaker.

Low Refrigerant

Freon is the refrigerant in an AC system that cools the air. If the levels of this are reduced, it may imply a leak is present, or that there is an issue with the refrigerant delivery system. If the AC system has to be recharged with refrigerant, 90 percent of cases suggest there is some type of leak present. In most cases, this will require a more extensive AC repair in Sarasota FL.

The Exterior Fan Doesn’t Work

The fan on the exterior of the home is responsible for moving the heat from the home to the outside. If it is not working properly, then the necessary heat transfer will not take place and the AC compressor may wind up tripping and overheating. The worst case scenario is that this issue causes internal damage to the compressor, which can be quite costly to have repaired.

The Outside Unit is Not Functioning Properly

This typically indicates that no power is getting to the unit. In some situations, it may also be directly related to a faulty thermostat.

No one wants to be uncomfortable in their own home. This is why it is so important to invest in AC repair at the first sign of an issue. More information about AC repair and when it is needed can be found by visiting Ocean Air Cooling & Heating. Being informed is the best way to keep an AC system working properly.