The Most Common Reason Individuals Hire A Custody Lawyer In Douglasville GA

One of the single greatest items that most divorced or separated parents dispute over is how custody of their children will be divided. Even though some things may be decided when a separation occurs, future problems could arise that require those plans to be altered. A Custody Lawyer in Douglasville GA can help by making it easy to navigate the laws associated with child custody disputes. While there are many areas that they can assist with, the following represent the most commonly requested services. Seek out a professional attorney for help in any of the following areas.

Child Support Payments

Child support payments are designed to provide the individual who retains primary custody with financial assistance. There are times when the payment amounts need to be adjusted to meet a person’s new income qualifications, or to provide additional support for emergency expenses. A custody lawyer can help by providing support and guidance and remove the need for dealing with the child support enforcement agency.

Custody Changes

If circumstances change that leaves a person unfit to be a parent, then it may force the other party to sue for full custody. A judge will not take proceedings of this nature lightly and will be looking for a decision that will provide the best results for the children. A Custody Lawyer in Douglasville can help a parent fight for custody, or prevent the other party from suing and taking their kids out of their care.

Visitation Rights

Some parents are deemed unfit, and full custody can be granted to one party. This leaves the other parent without the opportunity to see their child and deprive them of spending time with both of their parents. Visitation rights can help solve this issue by providing the other party with set days where they can visit with their children, though the judge will decide if the visits will be supervised or not.

Custody law is one that can be complicated to understand and leave a parent feeling hopeless and without their children. The Law Office of Diane Sternlieb can help by putting their more than 30 years of family law experience to work for anyone. Visit Website Domain to learn more and gain an understanding of the rights every parent has.