The Melbourne Motivational Speaker

Doug Dvorak’s journey

Every day, extraordinary events happen to ordinary people, occurrences that challenge the notion of who we are and what we can do to overcome the situation. Twenty years ago, Doug Dvorak had this experience when he discovered that he had cancer. He fought his illness, not once but twice, and when he recovered he did not put his feet up. Instead, he embarked on a climbing expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. When he had conquered this peak, Doug went around the world, negotiating other mountain ranges.

Today, when he is not climbing another mountain peak or whitewater rafting on the Amazon River, Doug is standing in front of a crowd, lecturing on salesmanship or leadership, motivation and education.

Forward, not backward

In the years following his illness, Doug learned to combine his love of nature and sport with motivational speaking to business clients and educational leaders. He lectures on practical issues to delegates from the world’s largest corporations. With his warm and engaging personality, Doug’s speeches are of interest to everyone who wants to reach out and conquer life’s big challenges.

Achievements of the Melbourne motivational speaker

In addition to overcoming illness, Doug has published six books and won numerous awards. He is a certified motivational speaker with the National Speaker Association. This recognition from the NSA requires him to work to its code of professional practice, serve at least one hundred clients within five years and deliver at least two hundred and fifty speaking engagements within the same time frame.

The advantages of a professional speaker

In addition to enthusing delegates with his humorous and engaging personality, he provides practical solutions to corporate situations, essential for survival in today’s world. With his inspiring presentations, Doug Dvorak continues to deliver dividends to his global clients.