The IVF Cost in San Antonio, TX is No Longer a One-Size-Fits-All Factor

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Health

Over the last 30 years, in vitro fertilization has become a go-to solution for thousands of couples experiencing difficulties with conception. This process involves a number of steps designed to physically and mentally prepare the anticipating couple for what lies ahead followed by the actual fertilization and implantation procedures. Initially, couples attend classes to learn about the process, medications they’ll be taking along the way and the overall IVF Cost in San Antonio TX.

After those education sessions, the excitement builds as you begin taking injections to promote healthy egg production. When the time is right, you’ll be given a trigger injection to complete the generation of those eggs. In less than two days, you’ll probably be ready for egg retrieval during which you’ll be given an IV sedative. Gathering your eggs for fertilization generally only takes about half an hour.

Your eggs will quickly be exposed to sperm for fertilization, but not all of them will be successfully fertilized. This is the reason behind retrieving multiple eggs. Once the newly-fertilized embryos have been monitored and allowed to grow for three to five days, they’ll be implanted into the lining of your uterus. At this point, the embryos should take hold, beginning your pregnancy journey.

The original IVF procedure has undergone a number of advancements since its introduction, and it has branched out into a few different options for patients. Among these is Micro IVF, a potentially shorter and less in-depth process. In most cases, those who are acceptable candidates for Micro-IVF require fewer medications. This factor, as well as the need for fewer steps, could reduce both the IVF Cost in San Antonio TX and the length of time from beginning the process to pregnancy.

Another option in this realm is Fast Track IVF. This procedure is best suited for those who have no need for certain hormone and fertility injections, but it’s not appropriate for women who aren’t able to produce enough healthy eggs on their own or who suffer from resistant polycystic ovarian syndrome and similar conditions. In some cases, the fastest route simply isn’t the best.

Today’s couples have more options than ever before when it comes to overcoming fertility issues. IVF can now be tailored more specifically to individual needs rather than being used as a one-size-fits-most alternative. Visit Fertility Texas to schedule a consultation and determine if either of these may be the right solution for you.

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