The Important Role An Estate Planning Lawyer Plays

You work hard all your life; it is your assets that will provide for and protect your family after your death. To ensure that your estate plan is valid it is extremely important that you engage the professional services of an estate planning lawyer in Orange.

An estate planning lawyer will do a number of things, he or she will establish a power of attorney, a health care proxy that will see to it that you are protected in your senior years and help to establish a living trust. As well as providing guidance on these important issues, an estate planning lawyer in Orange will work closely with you as you develop the provisions in your last will and testament.

Power of attorney:

A power of attorney is a document you authorize that gives another individual the right to manage your financial affairs. Depending on the specifics of the situation you can authorize a durable power of attorney which comes into effect immediately upon signing or you can give another individual control of your affairs after you have become physically or mentally incapacitated.

Health care proxy:

There may come a time when you are no longer capable of making intelligent decisions regarding your health care, in this case, another adult that has your health care proxy can make medical decisions on your behalf. It is important that you engage an estate planning lawyer in Orange to establish this proxy. Otherwise, you may face delays in establishing guardianship.

Living will:

This document is used to convey any measures that may be taken to extend your life when there is no hope that you will ever regain consciousness.

Last will and testament:

This important document is used to convey your assets to those individuals that you wish; it prevents your property from being distributed under intestate provisions.

It is extremely important that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes, to ensure this happens you need to hire an estate planning lawyer in Orange. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.