The Important Financial and Legal Functions of Bail Bondsmen Service in Schoharie NY

Bail bondsmen service in Schoharie NY has important functions in the world of financial assistance and criminal defense. Men and women who cannot pay cash bail to the court often can afford the fee for a surety bond. The court accepts the bond as an alternative to bail. With this service, fewer defendants have to wait in jail until their case ends.

Financial and Defense Aspects

Without the opportunity to have a bond posted by bail bondsmen service in Schoharie NY, defendants cannot work while they wait in jail. These men and women commonly lose their jobs, which can lead to all sorts of financial ruin. In addition, once someone has been released, this person is better able to work on a strong defense with a lawyer. An innocent individual is less likely to accept a fast plea bargain from the district attorney, since there may be a better outcome if he or she waits.

The Potential for Better Outcomes

Declining to accept a plea bargain makes it possible that the defense lawyer can convince a judge to dismiss the case. The extra time gained allows the lawyer to continue investigating and, perhaps, finding big holes in the prosecution’s evidence. This often does not happen when the only way a defendant can be released before trial is through a plea deal.

A Level of Assurance

Cash bail is intended to motivate a defendant to make all required court appearances after release, since the bail is refunded after the case ends. In a sense, a bail bonding agency provides a different level of assurance for this goal of the court. The agency essentially acts as a supervisor of the defendant to a certain extent after release. That’s because if the defendant runs away, the agency becomes liable for the full cash bail. The surety bond guarantees this to the court.

Courts can be reluctant to release defendants on their own recognizance, or without bail or a bond. Judges and prosecuting attorneys view cash bail and bonds as essential motivating factors for compliance after release. Visit website domain. to get started on a surety bond application.