The Importance Of Roof Flashings In Leak Prevention

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Metal Fabricators

Roofing installers and roofing repair services tend to focus their marketing and advertising on the brands and types of shingles they offer as well as their services and experience.

All of these factors are important, but one of the factors that are not typically considered in roofing material by a home or business owner is the choice of roof flashings. One of the reasons they are not considered is simply due to the fact they are largely unseen on the roof unless someone is really looking.

In a very basic definition, the roof flashing is a piece of material used to provide protection to the joints of the roof as well as areas where the roof meets other roof elements such as chimneys. It will be used in the valleys of the roof as well as around any vents, pipes or skylights.

Materials to Consider

Most roof flashings are made of thin sheets of aluminium or galvanised steel. Both are a good option as they are lightweight but also easy to work with and custom shape around roof elements.

They are both materials which offer good levels of corrosion resistance. This means they will not oxidise or rust easily, particularly if water is correctly running off the roof and not pooling in the flashing. Even with constant exposure to water, they will take years to show any signs of deterioration.

Common Issues

On most homes and commercial buildings, the most common problem with roof flashings is when they work loose. Nails and caulking may fail, which can allow moisture or snow and ice to get under the flashing. Over time, this can create a leak in the roof.

Replacing the flashing will require having experience in working with sheet metal. This is often a very low-cost repair that most roofing companies can do in a very short amount of time. Custom fabricated standard roof flashings are often used by these companies, making the repair even faster.

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