The Importance Of Quotes For Customers And Moving Companies In Cincinnati

All moving companies will provide some type of quote, which may also be called an estimate, to potential customers in Cincinnati. This quote can be one of three different types, and knowing the type of quote will help you to determine if it is the most cost effective for your move.

Unfortunately, while the moving industry is regulated and all professional moving company quotes in Cincinnati strive to provide competitive, fair and ethical pricing and quotes, less than reputable companies are out there.

These are often companies that simply pop-up, exist without licensing and insurance, and typically run with day laborers and rented trucks. There are not professionally managed moving companies, and they often do use scams and unethical practices to entice unsuspecting consumers into using their service for what initially looks like a very attractive low price for the move.

Non-Binding Estimates

A non-binding estimate is typically provided over the phone or completed with a consumer completed checklist online. This estimate is often much lower than what professional moving companies will provide with an in-home survey because it doesn’t bind the moving company to honor that price.

A non-binding estimate may be a good option if you have only a few items to move and you have a good idea of their weight. However, if you have more than one bedroom and more than just basic furniture items, this is a risky option for the consumer.

Binding Estimates

For a home, condo or large apartment move, professional moving companies will request an in-home survey. This allows a representative of the company actually to walk through the residence and develop a comprehensive quote based on the size of the move and the additional services requested.

Binding estimates ensure the consumer that moving companies will charge that quoted price, providing not additional services are added on or omitted at the time of the estimate. This stays in place even if the weight of the contents of the home is more than the in-home survey professional used for the calculation.

Not-to-exceed Quote

Many moving companies prefer to give customers a not-to-exceed quote for home moves. This is an advantage to the customer as the movers will charge the estimated amount as a maximum, but should the load actually be lighter the customer will be billed the lower amount.

Typically, non-binding estimates by Cincinnati moving companies are lower than what the customer will end up paying, sometimes by a significant amount. With a binding or not-to-exceed quote the customer always knows the amount, or the maximum, he or she will have to pay.