The Importance of Prompt Sprinkler Repair in Spokane When the System Malfunctions

Summers in eastern Washington state tend to be hot and dry. Sprinkler Repair in Spokane is important for keeping lawns healthy and lush, with the grass staying soft on the feet and attractive to the eye. Homeowners sometimes decide they’d rather do the watering manually, which is inconvenient and tends to be inefficient. However, owners of apartment complexes and commercial properties especially need lawn irrigation so the grass is watered regularly and evenly. The grassy areas are larger and difficult to water manually.

Hot, Sunny Summers

High temperatures and sunny skies are the norm in this part of the country during the summertime. When the need for Sprinkler Repair in Spokane arises, the problem should be addressed promptly. If part of the lawn does not get sufficient water, the difference in appearance from the rest of the grass will quickly become obvious. It can take some time to recover from that miniature drought.

Repairs and Adjustments

Malfunctioning valves and associated parts often are the reason for repair calls. During an appointment for repair of a component in an irrigation system, the technicians also can evaluate the entire system and make sure everything else is working properly. Any recommended adjustments can be done during this appointment. If the property owner has made changes to the landscaping since system installation, some changes to the setup may be advisable. Some plants might be overwatered with the existing design, while others may not be receiving enough water.

Problems With Underwatering and Overwatering

Too much or too little water causes a variety of problems. Underwatering causes shallow root growth, which makes the grass weaker and more susceptible to damage and disease. Overwatering can cause rotting of the roots, and this also is a waste of money in the utility bill.

The Importance of Annual Maintenance

In the future, annual maintenance on the system can help prevent malfunctions, as the technicians identify problem components before they break down. Workers from a company such as Spokane ProCare provide installation, maintenance and repair for irrigation systems for residential, commercial and other types of property. Contact us to learn more about services offered.