The effective uses of BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres

BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres have been specially designed and manufactured for use when traversing mud covered surfaces. Mud terrain tyres have unique features which make them ideal for the specified purpose. Although they can be fitted on any types of vehicle they are rarely seen on anything other than SUVs and all-terrain vehicles.

BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres are characterised by a large, altered tread pattern. On any tyre the tread is that which is in contact with the surface, it is this large, deep tread design on a mud terrain tyre that makes it ideal for use in mud and rain without losing its grip on the surface.

A mud terrain tyre has a tread which is moulded into the tyre that is considerably deeper than any tread found on standard tyres designed and used on conventional roads. A mud terrain tread is big chunky blocks, this design helps the tyres to dig in and maintain traction in difficult, slippery surfaces; once the area has been navigated the tread clears quickly, ready for the next challenge.

BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres are most often fitted to four wheel drive vehicles; SUVs as well as specialised AT vehicles designed expressly for off-road use. These types of tyres are not common on other types of vehicles but there are some owners that will fit them. People who enter off-road events always use these types of tyres; they are also common on vehicles designed expressly for the military.

In the majority of cases, when a vehicle is fitted with BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres it will also be fitted with mud guards. Mud guards are tough pieces of rubber that are fitted in such a way that they hang behind and beside the tyre. Off-road vehicles are no strangers to becoming stuck and when they are the tyres spin in an effort to extract the vehicle from the mud, as a result the mud which becomes trapped in the deep tread is thrown ever which way. The mud guards are used to stop the mud from flying too far and to stop the vehicle itself from getting covered in mud.

BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres do not fare well on regular roads or dry surfaces; they do not provide the stability that is needed to control a vehicle at speed as they have less tyre in contact with the surface. Because there is less tyre in contact with the road there is less traction and the knobby tread design has tendency to cause a loud noise at speed.

The effective uses of BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres include off-road use where the terrain is consistently wet and muddy. If you have a four wheel drive vehicle that is used off road you are invited to purchase your tyres at Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart in Melbourne.