The Different Amenities at Some Western Washington University Apartments

Many college students need a frugal way to relax or have fun when they aren’t spending their time studying or attending classes. An apartment with a lot of amenities can help. Here are a few of the different amenities at some Western Washington University apartments.

Resident Lounge

A lot of students get to know other residents by spending time in the resident lounge. While they are here, they can socialize or just to sit back and read a book.

Game Room

For those students that are looking for a way to decompress after a long day, they often visit the game room. There are a variety of different games that they can play with their roommates or other fellow students. It’s a great place to go after spending a long day on campus.

Computer Center

It’s not uncommon for some college students to need to access information on the internet but don’t have a computer of their own. The computer center at Western Washington University Apartments will allow them to look for whatever they need to online. They can send emails to their friends, do some online shopping, or even browse their favorite social media websites.

Lark Bellingham provides a wide variety of different amenities to its residents that are attending Western Washington University. This allows students to have many options for recreational activities without ever having to leave their apartment complex. Visit Lark Bellingham to learn more about all their off-campus housing options.