The best poses for children’s photos

Professional children photographers in Charleston SC, and other areas around the country, understand the unique circumstances that surround photographing children. Depending on their age, they can be uncooperative, cranky and fidgety, making it difficult to get that perfect shot. While an experienced photographer will have some poses, props and backgrounds in mind for the photo session, you, as a parent, can suggest and request some poses that you’d like included. Here are a few of the most popular poses for children of all ages:


The most popular and endearing way to photograph infants is to lay them down on the floor or bed, and put a blanket over them, either sleeping or awake. Putting their little hands under their heads is another great pose.


Poses that have them lying on the floor on their tummies make great shots; the trick with these is to get down on their level to get some close-ups. You can have them like on their tummies with their hands under their chins. Your photographer may want to use a prop such as a teddy bear or even a favorite book.

Other props and settings your photographer can use is to capture your child in his or natural environment; for example, if they love to paint, set them up with a canvass and some paint brushes.


School age kids are easier to photograph in the sense that they can sit still and pose for photographs. Bring some props from home for your session, such as a backpack, books, soccer ball or other favorite item. If possible, action shots outdoors make great photos. Some examples are playing soccer, playing in a park or building a sandcastle at the beach.

Children photographers in Charleston SC are your trusted partner when you want special photographs taken of your kids. Photos are a great way to keep your cherished memories alive long after your kids have grown up.